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SAS Training Institute Online Certification Course India | Best SAS Online Course in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, India


Python training institute in India, Pune is about certified associate in Python programming.

Power BI

Power BI Online Courses in India, Power BI Online Training Course with Certificate

Clinical SAS

Clinical SAS Online Training Institute in India, Best Clinical SAS Course with Certification in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon

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Best SAS Online Training, Power BI Course, Python Classes, Data Science Certification Course and R Training Online Institute in India

Analytics training centers are located in Pune, India. Courses are carefully design by expert which enables the exponential understanding of this course easily.

We prepare curriculum as industry demands leads to job oriented course. We offer the SAS Training, SAS Clinical Research, Data Science, Power BI, Tableau Visualization, SQL, Python Course and R Programming Language training in the center and any place based on demand.

 Data Science with SAS certification Online course will be help for better understanding for SAS Analytic Techniques and data scientists. Learn Basic and Advance Level SAS, Clinical SAS, Python Programming, Power BI Course from highly experience industry trainer and enhance your technical skills. and become a best Data Analyst, SAS Programmer.

Durga Online Trainer India offers strategic training paths for the certification skills required to support today’s technologies, while offering a broad curriculum of application focused courses for clients looking to implement new/upgraded business applications.With proper guidance and training from our well-trained professionals, today our students are working in some of the major companies across the industry.If you are doing preparation for SAS Certification exam ? then Join our online institute for SAS certification course, Clinical SAS Course, Power BI Certification Course, Python Programming, Data Science In India. Go for the SAS Online Course in Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Indore, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and learn the most popular technical skill in the software industry. SAS, Clinical SAS, Power BI, Python Programming, Data Science knowledge will make your future upgraded to higher level. SAS is a software programming language. Learn SAS Course, Clinical SAS in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Punjab, Harayana and Get Certified from Best SAS Online Training Institute with Affordable Fees. Durga Online Trainer is committed to provide Base and Advance Certification Course, clinical sas training and placement to the all candidates. Clinical SAS & SAS Course furnishes candidates with the master and expertise in this field. Learn SAS, Power BI, Clinical SAS, Python Programming Language, Data Science, R Programming from leading and top quality Online Training institute in India with very lowest fees or nominal course cost. Explore the India Most Efficient Base SAS and Advance SAS, Clinical SAS, Power BI, Data Science, Python, R Programming Langugae Online Training Courses with very low course fee or low cost.

Power BI/ Python/R Programming Languages/ SAS Training Course, Classes India

This course is programming language that has been fast gaining popularity in India because it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It is the programming language of choice for organizations and individuals. A lot of industry leaders like Yahoo, Google, Dropbox,pharma research organization it companies and many more. Being in Pune prominent as IT hub good for this equipped course.

Top SAS Online Training Course in India with Low SAS Course Fee

The most flexible language for data science tools is SAS. Reporting and analytic tools include SAS. You can largely consider it a customised tool. Informatica and COGNOS have more features and effective data processing capabilities when compared to SPSS, informatica, and SPSS. SAS is an intuitive and simple to learn language. The majority of software businesses that work with clinical trial data must hire chemists who are proficient in SAS because it is required by USFDA regulations.  The top training facility in India is Durga Online Training Institute, which offers SAS online training courses.

  Durga Online Training Institute is a best training institute in India and we are providing SAS Online Training Course, SAS Online Classes in Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore, Patna and many more cities of India Country with very lowest fees and SAS Certification Course. Join today for SAS demo classes. We have best online trainer and We teach complete Base SAS, Advance SAS and Clinical SAS with theory and practical and you can get easily job in top companies.

Best Power BI Online Course in India

Power Bi is provided by Microsoft which are used in business intelligence tools. It is very easy to learn and user friendly. It gives the deeper insight of your data, mostly it is visualization tools which are understand by everyone and take a final call. Power Bi produces the interactive dashboard and having more features to use filter on dashboard. Power Bi having so many versions but Power BI desktop is free anyone can download and get it hands on experience. As per google trends Power Bi is most demanding language. Durga Online Training Institute is an offering  Best Power BI Online Training Course, Power BI Online Classes in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Noida, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and all over India Country. Our Power BI Course fees are very cheap or lowest. Join today Power BI Demo Classes and get Power BI Online Certificate. We provide complete Power BI Course with theory class and practical.

We are providing the SAS certification program including the clinical domain.It is highly rated SAS training center, having nominal SAS fee in the Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, India. Also provide online SAS modules which are easy to understand. If you are searching and finding best and top Python Training Classes, R Programming Languages Online Training Courses, Power BI Online Course, Tableau Online Class etc with very cheap price or nominal fees then contact us now at 7755910537

R Programming Language Online Course, R Training Institute in India

R is open free licence statistical package, mostly used in machine learning, deep learning and artificial language language is platform independent means u can work in any operating system. It is object-oriented programming language having lot of libraries are there also having lot of supportive communities are there. Durga  Online Trainer is an offering  Best  R Programming Language Online Training Course, R Programming Language Online Classes in Bangalore, Delhi,  Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Noida, Bhopal, Mumbai, Gurgaon and all over India Country. Our R Programming Language Course fees are very cheap or lowest fee. Join today R Programming Language Demo Classes and get R Programming Language Online Certificate. We provide complete R Programming Language Course with theory class and practical.  Contact with R Programming Language Training Institute in India with cheap fees and Programming Language Certification Course.

Best Clinical SAS Online Training Course in India | Clinical SAS Training Institute

Clinical SAS is up trending language which are mostly used in clinical trails for launching or approval of new drugs in market.AS per USFDA guidelines all clinical trials data should submitted through SAS software. More Unique of SAS features are data privacy and customized tools. Most of IT sector deals with clinical SAS utilizing the skillset of pharmacy with SAS understanding. It comes under 3 parts named as SDTM,ADAM and TLF. We are providing Top Clinical SAS Online Training Course in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and all cities of India. Join Clinical SAS Online Class and get Clinical SAS Certification Course with very lowest fees or cheap fee. Our corporate trainer will teach complete Clinical SAS Theory and Practical. Make a bright career in Clinical SAS Fields.

If you are finding Online Training Institute in India with best price then Durga Online Trainer is a right place. We offer online various types of course like SAS Online Training Course, Python Online Training Course, R Programming Online Training Course, Power BI Online Training Course, Data Science Online Training Course Tableau Data Visualization, Online Training Course in India and Foreign Countries like United States of America, Europe, Asia, India. Contact us today for demo class.

Best Data Science Online Certification Course in India

Now a days data science is growing sector, in any sector we are dealing with data and getting the deep insight and proper understanding of data. Data science having various tools in market like SAS, Python, Tableau Data Visualization and power BI etc. Python and R having lot of communities r there also large number of libraries are inbuilt. Both are case sensitive language. Power BI and tableau is mostly used for effective visualization and making the interactive dashboard. As per google trends data science is most influencing tools also having lot of career prospectus. We are the Top  Data Science Online Training Institute in Bangalore, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and all cities of India. Join Data Science Online Class and get Data Science Certification Course with very nominal fee or cheap fee. Our Data Science corporate trainer will take complete Data Science Theory and Practical Class Online. Do online Data Science Certification Course with Durga Online Trainer.

SQL Training Online Classes in India

SQL stands for structure query language, used for analysing the massive data. It follows the ANSI standard. SQL is most flexibility and robust technology driven technique. SQL is the standard language of data base management system and relational data base management system. There are so many SQL commands like create, select, insert, update, delete and drop.

Durga Online Trainer is a top SQL Online Training Institute in India. There are huge demands of SQL Course because this SQL uses in various programming language such as Clinical SAS, Power BI, Data Science, Python, R Programming, Data Warehouse, SAS and many more. If you are looking SQL online training institute near me then Durga Online Trainer is a right choice. Contact us today for demo online free class. Learn SAS Certification Course, Power BI Online Course, Clinical SAS Programming, Data Science Online Course, Python Course,  R Programming with highly qualify corporate trainer in India.

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Our Course Offerings

Data science


12 week classes

Statistical Analysis System is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for the study of advanced analytics multivariate analysis, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analysis.


Power BI

Power BI

12 week classes

This module will introduce you to Power BI Desktop. You will know how to extract data from various sources and establish connections with Power BI Desktop..



Python With Machine Learning

Python With ML

6 week classes

Who should attend this course: Anyone who wants to learn Python programming can do this course. There are no pre-requisites of this course. 


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Popular Courses

Tableau Visualization
Power BI
Clinical SAS
Data science

12 week class

Tableau Visualization

Tableau Software is inventive Business Intelligence software, which furnishes its customers with devices and intuitive dashboards to seek, question, examine and visualize sets of information to create valuable business bits of knowledge. 


6 week clasS

R Programming

We are a leading institute which offers R Programming, Gurgaon. Durga Online Trainer is a quality oriented enterprise in IT industry and software development.

12 week clasS

Clinical SAS

R programming training institute offers many administrations. R Programming is a powerful statistical programming dialect which is utilized for prescient modelling.

6 week clasS

Data Science

This program is a complete package best suited for someone with no prior background and it’s the most enrolled program at CTC. This has been especially designed to cater to the need of certification and industry demand.



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Data science is most demanding language also durga sir having good teaching skills and providing placement assistance.Highly recommended to everyone.


Business Analyst

I have done learning clinical SAS programming from Durga sir this summer and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful trainer who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful, and he was very patient with me in class always encouraging his students to try. I would highly recommend his to anyone interested in learning clinical SAS programming.

Rajat Singh

SAS Programmer

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Instructors from around the world teach millions of students on Durga Online Trainer. We provide the tools and skills to teach what you love.

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