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I’m talking about clinical programming, which is also called as statistical programming or SAS programming. If you are a Pharmacy, graduate and if you have good skills in maths and statistics, this is the segment that you need to be. The segment is growing rapidly and more importantly the salary is very high until there is a need of clinical trials, there is need of a clinical programming as well. So, this is a domain that has no end and has a promising career. Clinical SAS is far more potent pharma. As per World Health Organisation, clinical trials are a type of research that studies new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. Clinical trials on humans occur in the final stages after successful drug development and after showing promising, safe results on animals. Clinical trial be conducted Clinical trials should be conducted to evaluate one or more treatment interventions, to assess ways to prevent disease or condition, to evaluate one or more diagnosis interventions and examine identification methods for recognising a condition or risk factors, and explore supportive care procedures to improve the comfort and quality. So, there are four phases of clinical trials, phase one, phase two, phase three and phase for the phase zero trial is an exploratory phase that helps to provide clinical information for a new drug at a nearly. A clinical trial conducted in various centres and huge amount of data is created which can be challenging to capture a structured data. Once the data is received and clean, a clinical examination report should be returned. For submitting to administrative authorities for product approval, biostatistical tool is utilised. Maintain create tables, listings and graphs for clinical study reports etc. The tool that is commonly used as Statistical Analysis System tool which is shortly called SAS. SAS is widely used in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical research organisation and plays an important role in determining the clinical study. WHO implement the analysis method on the collected data and provide the study summary tables, data listing, and graphs to the statistician medical writers and clinicians to use in writing. The clinical study reports are called as the clinical status They are called as programmers because they write code for creating structure of data such as crafts, listing and tables, a clinical or statistical or SAS Programmers play a vital role in clinical trial data analysis and collaborate with Statistician and Clinical Data manager. They mainly work with Clinical Data management team. I will collect data from different clinical trial sites or projects and ensure all the data is collected, managed, reported and is accurate and locked in the database the clinical programmers work on securely clean the data and do the analysis on clinical data and generate reports like graphs, listing and tables. These reports are further submitted to the health authorities. In short, they are the main connection between the raw data and analysis of the reports. A clinical programme is billed SAS data set from clinical database and develops as macros, templates, etc. They utilise SDTM guidelines to build data sets, they implement analysis specified in the protocol, they ensure the CRF meets the guidelines and they prepare, study, management report using SAS and validate. Programmed analysis data sets table listing figures and they perform analysis, define in the status tickle analysis and prepare clinical and statistical summary reports. They utilise SAS programming skills within the protocol team and perform all programming required for clinical trial analysis and reporting. They establish A monitoring of data transfers for ongoing trials to identify. The study conducted or on the data quality issues. So, what is the eligibility for becoming a clinical programmer. Pharmacy candidates are highly preferred. MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BA must also include all life science graduates BSc, BE, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, Bioinformatics are also considered graduates in status. Statistics and MATS are also mainly preferred.BE or Btech, biotechnology, bio informatics, computer scenes are considered expectations of a SAS programmer has to be having a SAS certification or statistical knowledge, good analytical skills and mainly programming skills. Salary for clinical programme is as per the recent pay scale an average pressure hose clinical programmer. A recipe range between 3.75 lacs to 5.3 lacs depending on the Co-location, skills etc. The national average salary for a clinical programme is in sasses around four lack 95,000. Earlier in India, a clinical SAS programmer having CDISC expertise would have extensive opportunities. Depending on how fast you can learn and pick up new skills will increase your salary package accordingly. And people who are having around three years of experience in SAS programming earn around 8 lacks in this field. Let us know. See the major recruiters of clinical programming job opportunities are abundant in top IT or service-based companies, pharmaceuticals, enquirers companies like Novartis, Eli Lilly, Paraxel, IKEA, Icon, PPD, Synods, TCS, Acontia, Quantitate, Cognizant and CYTEL. If you are from pharma education background, it would be a great opportunity to make your career in the IT industry by learning SAS technical part or SAS programming. Before going to SAS Programming, I would suggest first learn the clinical domain knowledge. Which is very important as it deals with patients and drug research data and it is very important for you to learn it in and out of the clinical domain. Once you have the idea on the clinical domain you can Start learning SAS programming and try to implement over clinical data. I always believe in self-learning and would suggest you to do the same but actually certification is required in many of the organization. So, I prefer you to join in a good SAS institute and get certified.

Clinical SAS Analytics Certification Course Training

One such expanding sector that demands qualified experts in Bio-IT is Clinical Research. Students will receive instruction in advanced SAS concepts such set operators, statistical methods, and analytical techniques. They obtain a thorough understanding of SAS Macro Language’s Automatic macro variables. The Clinical Online SAS Training provided by Durga Online Trainer is created to teach students how to use their SAS programming knowledge in clinical trials.