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Correlation in SAS is valuable tools which determine the relationship between two variables or more variables. Mostly used in predictive modelling and forecasting. By default proc corr gives the simple statistics and spearman correlation.

Correlations having following features

  1. No simple options are used for preventing the print of simple statistics.
  2. Nocorr options are used for prevent the print of correlation parameter
  3. Var statements are used for controlling the variables
  4. The FISHER option in the PROC CORR statement requests confidence limits and p–values for Pearson and Spearman correlation coefficients based on Fisher’s z transformation.
  5. The PLOTS=MATRIX option in the PROC CORR statement uses ODS graphics to produce either a rectangular matrix plot
  6. The PLOTS=SCATTER option in the PROC CORR statement uses ODS graphics to produce scatter plots for variables. By default, the scatter plot also includes a 95% prediction ellipse.

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