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Data around us is piling up at a rapid pace and there is always a necessity for studying and analyzing the raw data produced from various sources hence Data science professional studies chunks of data and analyses them to decode the information.

Data science:

It is the scientific study of data using mathematical and statistical models, machine learning tools, and artificial intelligence and it is a vast field and includes concepts like data mining, data analysis, data visualization, and data wrangling.

Data analytics:

It is part of data science which involves the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. A data analyst must know how to recognize data patterns and have the basic knowledge of statistics and data models where lot of data visualization happens in a typical data analysis process. 

Data science Vs data analytics.

Data science is a multidisciplinary field, which involves data engineering, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization and a process of collecting, cleaning, analyzing and transforming large portions of data is called data science but data analytics is just one part of data science and a niche area that involves the collection and analysis of data based on complexity levels.

Data science as a career option in India

If you have a job experience in data science you can have following career options as below 

  • Data architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Database administrator

Top recruiters for data science professional Google, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft. so question is who can be a data scientist?

1. IT students and professionals

2. Non-IT students and professionals 

If you want to be a data scientist, you must possess technical knowledge in the following areas:

  • Statistics
  • Deep learning
  • Big data frameworks
  • Exploratory data analysis [EDA]
  • Knowledge of data exploration, data processing, data transformation, and data loading.
  • Knowledge of Python and other programming languages.
  • Patience and interest
  • Creativity and curiosity

There is a huge scope for the application of data science in almost any field in India, especially in 2022 and the years to come, be it banking, cyber security, financial institutions, education and healthcare sectors, big data organizations or even small-scale enterprises.

The role of data science in various Indian sectors—

Data science tools can used in any field coz coding remains constant only variables name going to be change.

  • Banking and finance 
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce and retail 
  • Transportation and logistics 
  • Education 
  • Urban infrastructure 
  • Energy
  • Environment 

Average salary of data scientists in India is around INR 8 lacks per annul (LPA). An entry-level data scientist’s salary ranges somewhere around 5 to 6 LPA.

As per above analysis, data science and artificial intelligence have been increasingly dominating predominantly data-based research has several opportunities for various sectors. Industries can capitalize on this opportunity and change their business models for the benefit of the economy at large. 

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