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Exam Title:

The “SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9” exam is the certification test that you are most likely referring to. This certification is intended for people who wish to prove that they are familiar with the fundamentals of SAS programming.

Test Format:

Exam Length: Short-answer and multiple-choice questions are frequently seen on exams.

The examination consists of a certain number of questions.

Passing Score:

To obtain the certification, you must obtain a specific passing score. The passing mark may change, although it typically ranges between 70% and 80%.

The test covers a range of topics, including but not restricted to:

Accessing and Creating Data Structures: This portion assesses your aptitude for reading and constructing many kinds of SAS data sets, such as data step programming, import/export, and more.

Data management: This field focuses on methods for manipulating, cleansing, and transforming data. Your capacity to successfully edit and manipulate data sets will be put to the test.

Data Reporting: In this section, your proficiency with SAS procedures like PROC PRINT, PROC MEANS, and PROC FREQ is evaluated.

You must show that you are capable of debugging SAS programmes and managing faults that are recorded in the SAS log.

Basic Statistical Techniques: This section discusses fundamental statistical ideas and methods, including how to compute descriptive statistics and use PROC UNIVARIATE.

Data step programming, SAS functions, and arrays are among the basic principles of SAS programming that are tested on the exam.