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Most of time this question will arise whether SAS certification is mandatory or not. In India it’s not required mostly but having to globally SAS certified nice one. If you are planning to work in abroad, must should have certification. Still so many advantages having SAS certification

  1. Improve your employment opportunity
  2. SAS skills are high in demand(clinical/banking)
  3. Demonstrate that you having fair knowledge of SAS and understand digital bragging rights
  4. Allow employers to easily recognize you
  5. One time achievement /its valid throughout life

So many job opportunity are there which are listed below

SAS analyst

Junior SAS programmer

Clinical Programmer

SAS developer

Clinical Data analyst

Principle programmer

SAS Data scientist

Clinical SAS certification cost

Clinical SAS analysts use a combination of statistical perspective , programming&  domain expertise to do so. Clinical SAS Training duration is Two Months course,  our Clinical SAS certification cost is a very low compare to other training center. join class online from Durga Online Trainer.