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Welcome, everybody. My name is Durga Gupta and I’ll be showing you what exactly is power BI, what are the advantages of using PowerBI, and why you should choose Power BI? Let us see that one by one. What is power BI can define PowerBI in two ways. Number one, in a simple language, PowerBI is a business intelligence tool. Which will help you to analyse your data, clean your data and convert that data into visual format where you can create different reports and different dashboards.  So, this is a business intelligence tool. Now in the other language if you ask me what is power BI, I can say PowerBI is a collection of components. The first one is a power query. Power query is ETL tool which will extract, transform and load the data or in other language if I say it is for cleaning the data when you have blank records, null values, empty records or different unclean data, it will clean data for visualisation. The second tool is we have Power Pivot.  This is used for data modelling when you have multiple data sources. If you want to connect them, create relationship between them, you can use power pivot. The third tool is for visualisation that is power view. Power View can help you to create 250 plus charts that can be bar chart or doughnut chart or so many visualizations chart. This different type of charts will be useful for presentation for reports and dashboards. After creating all this after cleaning visualisation. If you want to share this report with different people sitting across the world you can use power BI service. So, power BI service will help you your users to communicate between each other via those reports.  So, it’s a package of four components power, query, power Pivot, Power view and Power BI Service Now why should go for power BI? What are the reasons for jumping to PowerBI? Why not the other tools? I can help you with top five reasons why you should go for Power BI number one search volume in Google. There is one website named as Google Trends which will help you to find out interest overtime for any search item. So, I tried to search for. PowerBI in last five years across the world, how are people searching for PowerBI? Has it increased or decreased? So, you can see the graph for power BI it has increasing, it is an increasing format and it is reached to the peak year. Same way I tried to compare with other tools like Tableau Python/R/SAS.  There you can see the search volume is increased and it is competing with Tableau in India country from last five years. Then I try to search for some other country, let’s say Australia and you can see. People are more searching for power BI as compared to Tableau not only in Australia. I search for Spain and I got the same results here. So, if you observe here the trend or the search volume for power BI is increasing as compared to other tools. That’s one reason I can tell you search volume in Google. Second reason you can go for power BI that’s maximum number of features. If you compare with other tools in the market, power BI has maximum number of features. You can write 1200 different functions, M functions and DAX function. You can create approximately 280 visuals different charts in power BI. So, these features are not available in other tools. There are there but they are not that much great. Or not much in quantity as compared to power BI Now the other reason you should go for power BI is costing part. Power BI is one of the cheapest tools, if you compare with other BI Tools, Power BI is the cheapest. It’s hardly $10 per user per month and if you try to purchase in bulk for many users the licence costs.

 Power BI has a capability of importing data from 100 different data sources. You can bring data from Excel, SQL, Oracle, big data. How do you name the data source and it can pull data from that data source. You can pull data from structured, semi structured and unstructured data sources. Power BI so it has a great capability in terms of data connectivity. Now there’s one more reason why you should go for power BI. By the fifth reason it is recognised by Gartner Company Garden is a company which compares all the by products in the market. Now in year 2020 it had created report where you can see Microsoft belongs to leader.  Now if you compare with all the Power BI products, Microsoft is on the top. Microsoft is not only for Power BI but it is a package of other tools also. So still, it is in the leader’s Let us consider power BI as a package.

I can divide power BI into two parts. One is Power BI desktop. And second is power BI service. Power BI Desktop is a developer tool. It’s a desktop application which can download and install. The power BI service is the online version. It’s a cloud version which is used for sharing and collaboration. Now suppose if you want to create some dashboards and reports, first of all you need some data so power BI can pull data from. Excel, CSV, SQL, Ms Access, SharePoint, Outlook, PDF or website.  So, you can bring data from any number of data sources altogether or one by one. After doing that you can clean data, you can do the data modelling and also you can work on creating different charts and maps. After creating these reports, definitely you want to publish the report on online service.  So, from here you can just publish a power BI Service account. After publishing definitely, you want to share with different people sitting across the world.  So, from power BI service you can share the reports with different people with different departments, organisations or individuals. So, this is the complete architecture of power by now the best part about this power BI can says it is completely automated. You do not have to do anything manually. So, once you teach Power BI that pull data from sensor data source, clean data in this proper manner and then send reports, this complete architecture will be done automatically. So that is the best part about this power BI and therefore it is known as business intelligence tool.

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