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Decomposition tree is AI visualisation in Power BI. We all know that is used for Root Cause Analysis Decomposition Tree is the best visualisation and each has a lot more capability. So, in this session I’m going to talk about top 10 features for decomposition tree.

The features are conditional supporting drill through support. Sort capability, responsive design, cross highlight support, easy access by keyboard shortcuts, improve behaviour of filtering, improved scrolling behaviour, then include exclude feature and pinning the visual as dashboard. So, this is the first feature that has been applied to the decomposition tree.

Now let me go to the second feature. Now decomposition tree supports drill through feature as well. So, when you click on drill through and click on apply drill through it will redirect. Due to the second page like this so that means that decomposition tree is supporting drill through future as well. Now sort capability we can we can apply sort on our decomposition tree visualisation. For that you just need to select your visualisation click on ellipsis and you will be having an option sort by. So based on the different column you can apply sort. I applied this sort on the year column. You can apply sort ascending and descending over here. So, this is the third important feature of decomposition tree. Now let me talk about fourth component that is responsive design. So, this visualisation is responsive so even for the mobile layout it will automatically set. Is position based on the provided space over there. The fifth feature over here is cross highlight support. So, let’s say for an example when you click on any of the bar over here, it will automatically cross highlight the other visualisation over here. So cross highlighting is supported at this moment. Now the 6th feature is improved. Behaviour of filtering

The other visualisation, the 7th feature is easily accessed by keyboard shortcut. So, these are some keyboard supports which is supported at this moment. So, this was the 7th feature. Now let me move over to the eight feature that is improve scrolling behaviour. Now let me move on to the 9th feature. So, nine feature is that when we click on when we right click on everyone, we would be having an option include, exclude and sure as a table option. So, these are the actual options that has been. Very useful for this decomposition tree. And one last thing is that now pinning the visualisation in the dashboard is also supported.

 So, in this session we have discussed about the

  1. conditional formatting
  2.  drill through support
  3.  sort capability
  4. responsive design
  5. Cross highlight support
  6. Easy keyboard access
  7. shortcuts

      8. Improved behavior of filtering

      9.   scrolling

     10. Include, Exclude

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