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Natural language is inbuilt in Power BI software which are used to explore the data in faster manner. The Q&A features are there in power Bi, its free and available for all users, also this feature is interactive of making dashboard. Double click on power bi interface automatically Q&A display units open, even you can start typing, it will suggest the natural or proper question. You can ask so many healthy display unit 3 types of color are appear in Q &A column

1.Blue underline-Power Bi quickly understand the question or also you can say this is the valid question/successfully match

2. Red Underline——Power Bi did not recognize whatever you had type so please change the question or any action take

3.Orange underline– Its not direct match, also you can say words is categorized as low confidence if you have typed an ambiguous word.

So this feature mostly used for analyzing the data in faster and efficient manner for more please let me know I am very happy to help you.

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