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The key aspect of Power BI is the function of effective visualization and interactive dashboard. If you are dealing with massy data for visualization, it makes more complex in report, for that purpose we are using the slicer for making the elegant appearance and in necessary loading of data. Slicer act as filter whenever you need it will show the visual or hidden. Slicers play the important role for making the comparative chart and customized report. Also used for making the more creative designs and consuming the little space in the dashboard.

Power BI slicers are 2 types

  1. Relative slicer—-it also divided into four parts between, before, after and list relative slicer is very important to dealing the date. Date are the integral part of business model. Between relative slicer is used to giving the range from start to end. Before and after relative slicer named itself indicate before the end date .List in the data slicer provides a list of all the data ranges so we can select dates accordingly for the results.
  • Numeric Range slicer—- Numeric range slicers deals the numeric column. Most effective way to handle the numeric range.
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