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The main purpose of Proc Tabulate is to produce a table with a polished appearance. The TABULATE technique uses some or all of the variables in a data collection to present descriptive statistics in tabular style. You may design a range of tables, from the most basic to the most intricate.

Many of the statistics that are produced by other descriptive statistical processes like MEANS, FREQ, and REPORT are also computed using PROC TABULATE. PROC TABULATE offers mechanisms for labelling and formatting variables and procedure-generated data. It also offers flexible ways for categorizing variable values and defining hierarchical connections between variables.

Terminology Used in Proc Tabulate

VAR: The Var statement informs SAS that the variables in question are analysis variables. They must be numerical in nature. They are employed in the generation of summary statistics.

 Class: SAS is informed that these variables are categorical by the Class declaration.

TABLE: SAS uses the Table statement to determine which variables are row expressions and which are column expressions. In the event of cross-tabulation The TABLE statement specifies the row expression first, followed by a comma, and then the column expression.