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Python function widely used during writing the complex or lengthy code. Python function is block of code which only runs whenever you calling the function. Python function derived from C concept but in case of python function variables are not declared but in case of C language declaration, function definition and function calling are required. It’s mainly used as re usability and easy debugging is there, just like similar to macro language. It avoids the hard coding in this case only 2 options are there function declaration and function calling.

Every function starts with def keyword followed by valid function name (not including any reserved keyword) also it containing the parenthesis in which you have to pass the parameters or arguments. Empty parenthesis also seems be good while calling the function with valid function name. Every function with or without arguments end with colon (:), it indicates the indentation. Also, python function having one or many return values. Arguments are written after the function name, inside the parenthesis. You can add so many arguments also that arguments are separated by comma. Suppose we r passing the two arguments then during calling the function if you can pass one argument it will throw the error. So, ensure that passing the same arguments whatever you given during function definition. For more please let me know I am very happy to help you 7755910537.

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