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Regression technique is mostly used in prediction technology, in SAS it is deal with proc regression. It is very useful and easy to finding the relation between dependent and independent variable.

Regression are mostly 3 types—

Linear Regression

Multiple Regression

Logistic Regression

Linear regression finding the relationship between one dependent variable and one or more independent variables, but in case of multiple regression it deals with more than two independent variables. Also, in logistic regression independent variables comes as binary like true or false/yes or no and might be 1/0.

Logistic regression is the most important which are used in machine learning algorithm deal with supervised learning technique. It is used for predicting the dependent categorical data.

Dependent variables are also known as criterion variable which are going to be predict on the basis of independent variables and independent variables is known as predictor variable.

Proc Regression output

by default, regression———it showing so many plot

Diagnostic plot

Residual plot

Fit plot

Partial plot

Ridge plot


if u want to fit a model to the data, u must use the model statement. If u want to use the reg

option no need to use the model statement but use the var statement

 Regression output

number of items reads———-number of observations in our input data set

number of items used———-the number of observations used in fitting our model.

parameter estimates

variable name


DF—degree of freedom

standard error

t value—t-test

p value—–probability value

root MSE

coefficient variation

r square

adjusted r square

f value

mean square


 R Square—— 0 to 1

model—————-near to one——very-very good model

 R Square——-0.98———-very good

If You are considering more than two variables that most preferably look for adjusted R square

Syntax of proc Reg

Proc reg data= dataset name;

Model variable1=variable2;


Dependent variable always should write along with model statement.

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