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Formatted input most useful method for reading the standard and nonstandard data both, whereas column and list input methods unable to read the nonstandard data. Nonstandard comprises the date function where as standard data leads to whole number or characters.

Formatted input is typically used with pointer controls that enable you to control the position of the input pointer in the input buffer when you read data. Also, informat and format functions together used for reading the nonstandard data. We already know that sas stores the data from 1stJanuary 1916.Informat functions are used for converting non standard data into standard data but we are unable to understand so format functions again it will used for converting into non standard so we are easily understanding the date data. Thus formatted input combines the features of column input with the ability to read nonstandard data values. Pointer control (@) also used in the formatted input method Pointer Controls As SAS reads values from the input data records into the input buffer, it keeps track of its position with a pointer.

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