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The input methods in SAS programming are used to read the raw data. The raw data may be from an external source or from in stream data lines. The input statement creates a variable with the name that you assign to each field. So, you have to create a variable in the Input Statement. The same variable will be shown in the output of SAS Dataset. In this method the variables are listed with the data types. The raw data is carefully analysed so that the order of the variables declared matches the data. The delimiter (usually space) should be uniform between any pair of adjacent columns. Any missing data will cause problem in the output as the result will be wrong or it will truncate for that purpose length statements are used. Mostly used for reading the raw data so many extra functions are required for reading the standard data/it is unable to read non standard data also embedded space are not allowed. List input only take 8 characters thatswht column input method is more superior as compared to list input method. List input does not require that the data are located in specific column.

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