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SAS having 2 stages first one is known as compilation and other one is known as Execution phase. In compilation phase followings details will happing

  1. Creation of PDV and Input buffer
  2. Syntax checking
  3. Definition of input and output file that comes under descriptor portion
  4. Number of observations and variables also variables attribute setting like data is numeric or character, length and type of data

But in execution phase it will give the report in the form of rectangular format (SAS data set) until or unless no error will be there. Clearly PDV and input buffer is same which are logical (virtual memory) in which your dataset is located but few difference is there between input buffer and PDV. Both are created in the descriptive portion that means compilation phase. PDV describes information about each variables is stored in the virtual memory, also it will record one observation at a time.

Input buffer is also the virtual memory in which SAS put records of data line by line or hold the records during compilation phase. If the input file is the SAS dataset, then no need for input buffer directly will create PDV but source file in other formats apart from SAS data set then input buffer and PDV both are created during compilation phase.

Example—— whenever you using the infile statements for recognize the external file which are not present in SAS format that time both input buffer and PDV both are initialized, but we are making the new SAS dataset from existing SAS dataset then only PDV is initialized.

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