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Whenever You had submitted the SAS programming code so it is processed in two phases

  1. Compilation phase
  2. Execution Phase

In compilation phase each statement is scanned with syntax error and any other mistakes, if any error it will prevent the data processing. If the data step compiles successfully then execution phase begins, during this phase data step reads and processing the input data and it will execute once for each record in the input file.

In the compilation phase many logical phase are created which are listed below

  1. Input Buffer-The input buffer is a logical concept, not a physical storage area, at the beginning of compilation phase it is created used for hold the record from external file (means raw data) not a SAS dataset.
  2. Program Data Vector– after the input buffer PDV is created here raw data is converted into SAS data set, it is also a logical concept, it will read one observation at a times’ contains 2 automatic variables

       _ N_     counts the number of times that the DATA step begins to execute.

  _ERROR_   signals the occurrence of an error that is caused by the data during execution. The      default value is 0, which means there is no error. When one or more errors occur, the value is set to 1.

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