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Khan Academy offers thorough lessons and activities on a variety of statistics and probability topics.

Coursera provides free courses from colleges such as Stanford and Duke, including “Statistics with R” and “Probability and Statistics.”

edX offers access to courses from MIT and Harvard, such as “Introduction to Probability” and “Statistics and R.”

Stat Trek provides free lessons, examples, and interactive tools for studying fundamental and advanced statistical topics.

OpenIntro offers free textbooks and materials for beginning statistics classes, including as datasets and lecture slides.

What is the best method for visualising hierarchical data?

The most effective technique to visualise hierarchical data is determined by its complexity and the insights you wish to communicate. Common ways include:

Tree Maps: Display hierarchical data using nested rectangles, with each level representing a category and subcategories displayed within bigger rectangles.

A dendrogram is a branching diagram that represents hierarchical relationships. It is often used in cluster analysis and to show family trees.

Sunburst Chart: A radial space-filling visualisation that represents hierarchical data as a series of stacked rings, which is excellent for displaying proportions at several levels.

Indented Lists: Show hierarchical data in an indented list, with each level indented more to visually depict the structure.

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